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We ensure that you will get your best experience when playing with our favorite car models. With various features like a real car on a much smaller scale. make your playtime so much fun!

About Us

Toys is our business and we serious with it!

Starting from two friends during school who had aspirations to take the hobby business into a more serious direction, we believe that the hobby and toy business is as sexy as that. a belief that requires us to continue to grow and develop various products that will later support the hobby and toy industry. For us competition is certain, but competition is only temporary, the rest are friends. Like toys that can be played with other toys, we believe that all parties involved in this industry can work together to build an industrial ecosystem that continues to grow.


Our Advantage

Why Choose Propotype RC?

Guaranteed Products

Each of our units is guaranteed and can be claimed easily.

Replaceable Component and Full Propo

Each unit made by us is easy to assemble and disassemble, and even replace it with your favorite diecast body!

Customer Care

We will help you with any difficulties or obstacles with our product.

Our Product

Reguler Radio Control RTR (Ready To Run)


Daihatsu HJT

Rp 650.000/ USD 65

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-21 at 15.25.07

Suzuki Jimny

Rp 700.000/ USD 70

FB_IMG_1647729902738 (2)

VW T2 Combi

Rp 650.000/ USD 65


Land Rover D90

Rp 650.000/ USD 65


Rubicon TJ Reguler

Rp 700.000/ USD 70

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-05 at 21.15.23

Honda Civic Nouva EF Grey

Rp 600.000/ USD 60

DSC_0108 E

Toyotal Land Cruiser FJ40

Rp 700.000/ USD 70

Thematic Radio Control RTR (Ready To Run)


Daihatsu HJT

Rp 700.000/ USD 70


Land Rover D90 Hue 166 Ultimate

Rp 800.000/ USD 80


VW T2 Combi Classic Blue

Rp 750.000/ USD 75

2 (3)

Land Rover D90 Sumatra Tribute

Rp 800.000/ USD 80


VW T2 Combi
Pos Indonesia

Rp 700.000/ USD 70


Land Rover D90 Hue 166 Basic

Rp 800.000/ USD 80


Jeep Rubicon TJ 166 Mudy Style

Rp 850.000/ USD 85


Micro Adventure Travel Pack

Rp 2.000.000/ USD 200

Module Kit


64 Scale Propotype Electrical Kit

*The car model in the picture is for comparison only

Rp 350.000/ USD 35

DSC_0178 (2)

64 Scale Propotype Light Module Kit

*The car model in the picture is for comparison only

Rp 175.000/ USD 18

Spare Part

DSC_0180 (2)

Micro Lamp/ Set

*The car model in the picture is for comparison only

Rp 16.000/ USD 1.6

DSC_0159 (2)

Rechargeable Battery

*The car model in the picture is for comparison only

Rp 35.000/ USD 3.5

DSC_0157 (2)

64 Scale RC Receiver

*The car model in the picture is for comparison only

Rp 175.000/ USD 18


Micro RC Controller

*The car model in the picture is for comparison only

Rp 250.000/ USD 25

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Full Proportional Throttle feature?

The Full Propo feature is the main feature found in hobby class RCs and is the difference between Hobby RC and Toy RC. This feature allows the RC to move according to the controls on the throttle and steering. So that the RC can run slowly or fast and turn gently or sharply just like a real car.

How to control the unit?

The RC unit can be controlled via an Android Smartphone or with a physical remote made by Propotype RC (additional charge applies). The RC is connected via a Wifi network that is connected between the receiver and controller. The intended Wifi connection does not mean that the RC must be connected to the internet in order to be controlled.

How do I buy this product?​

You can purchase this product via the button provided in the catalog section where the button directs you to the Market Place or Website Store managed by Propotype RC. Purchases can also be made via Whatsapp Admin which is available in the right corner of the page.

What will I get?

Each RTR unit will get a complete package including an acrylic display unit, charger module, RTR unit, warranty card and manual. some RTR units are also equipped with a physical remote (optional) and an RC Suitcase (on the Micro Travel Adventure Pack product). As for purchasing module packages and spare parts, the completeness of the unit can be seen in the listing.